Ace Cafe London Lands in America!

Located just off the North Circular Road in London, Ace Cafe London, with its combination of motorbikes, cars, speed and rock'n roll, served as a beacon to English motorcyclists for decades, becoming a global cultural phenomenon. Now this same love of speed and adrenaline is coming to Orlando in the form of Ace Cafe Orlando, the first Ace ever in the United States.

“For generations, Ace Cafe has been the gathering place for those passionate about the rock ‘n’ roll culture and a love of fast-moving machinery,” explains Mark Wilsmore, owner and Co-Managing Director of Ace Cafe London. “We have been fueling the motoring community since the beginning, and are looking forward to continuing to lead the way. It was only a matter of time before we landed in the USA. With our partners Ace Cafe North America, we are here breaking ground on a great location in Orlando.”

Since 1938, the Ace Cafe has been known as the place that brings enthusiasts together, and is the birthplace of the cafe racer scene. In the early days, English bikers would race to a given point and back to the Ace before a rock ’n roll record could finish playing on the jukebox. Fast forward to Orlando in 2015 as a band of petrolheads is going full speed to bring the Ace Cafe to America.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, City Commissioners, Mark Wilsmore and his partner George Tsuchnikas, and the Ace Cafe North America team, including CEO Mark McKee, and CMO Steve Glum, along with hundreds of bikes and special guests, will be in downtown Orlando on the corner of West Livingston Street and Garland Avenue on April 30th for a “Start Your Engines” British-style “Roar Up” to officially kickstart the countdown to the opening of Ace Cafe Orlando. Facebook & Twitter: @AceCafeUSA   Instagram: @AceCafeOrlando_Official