ACE CAFE LONDON LANDS IN AMERICA: Iconic Brand Breaks Ground in Downtown Orlando

Ace Cafe London, the iconic motor-diner located in London, England, is headed to America. A beacon to English motorcyclists for decades, the Ace Cafe has become a global cultural phenomenon, and is about to bring that same love of speed and adrenaline to Orlando in the form of Ace Cafe Orlando, the first Ace ever in the United States.

Since 1938, the Ace has served as the place where the worlds of motoring and music come together, inspiring motion pictures, television shows, and countess books, as well as a community of enthusiasts with a passion for motorcycles, cars and rock n’ roll. Now this unique slice of British culture is breaking ground in three historic buildings on a 3-acre facility located in downtown Orlando.

“For generations, Ace Cafe has been the gathering place for those passionate about the rock ‘n’ roll culture and a love of fast moving machinery,” explains Mark Wilsmore, owner and Co-Managing Director of Ace Cafe London. “It was only a matter of time before we landed in the USA, and with our partners Ace Cafe North America, we are here breaking ground on a great location in Orlando.”

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, City Commissioners, Mark Wilsmore and his partner George Tsuchnikas, and the Ace Cafe North America team, including CEO Mark McKee, and CMO Steve Glum, along with hundreds of bikes and cars and special guests, will be in downtown Orlando on the corner of West Livingston Street and Garland Avenue for a “Start Your Engines” British-style “Roar Up” to start the count-down to the opening of Ace Cafe Orlando.

“We are extremely pleased to have Mark and George with us for the official groundbreaking of the Ace Cafe Orlando,” adds McKee. “It’s truly a historic moment for the brand, and we’re on the fast track to get Orlando open by the end of the summer.”

More than a restaurant, Ace Cafe Orlando will connect great food and dining with a passion for motoring and rock n’ roll, providing a totally unique guest experience, found nowhere else in the world. The menu is an American roadside diner concept with made-from-scratch homestyle comfort food, with some British favorites like Bangers & Mash, Fish & Chips, and Scotch Eggs, but with a twist that captures the authentic spirit & flavors of some of the best backroad joints and specialty fare, with a nod to locally-sourced and green options, all at an affordable price point. Ace Cafe Orlando also has a big backyard area with a selection of favorites for patio dining, making it a great place for an outdoor event and live music in the middle of the city.

The British Spirit meets American Muscle “Start Your Engines” groundbreaking ceremony starts at 3:00pm on Thursday, April 30, 2015 at Ace Cafe Orlando at 100 W. Livingston Street in Orlando, Florida.

What is Ace Cafe?

In the late 50’s and early 60’s, the British motorcycle industry was at its peak, muscle cars started to make their presence known, and along came rock ‘n roll. Not played on radio stations, initially the only place rock ’n roll could be heard was on jukeboxes at cafes. From this powerful fusion of motorbikes, cars, and rock ’n roll came the legend of the Ace and a significance for motorcycle and car lovers all over the world.

The Ace is a shared identity and a vital point in a culture that, as the decades pass, continues to thrive and evolve. Ace Cafe celebrates the spirit, history and culture of motor-enthusiasts, where guests can have a great meal, meet friends, see some amazing motorcycles and cars, and leave feeling like they’ve just been part something bigger.

Ace Cafe’s iconic, stylish and distinctive emblem is instantly recognizable and has come to represent an authentic, simple, hardworking and straightforward speed-inspired culture.

About Ace Cafe London

Ace Cafe London has a rich heritage in motor history, and is the most famous motor-diner on the planet. Since 1938, Ace Cafe London has been the legendary gathering place for folks passionate about bikes, cars, & rock ‘n’ roll, and is the destination for like-minded individuals celebrating the true spirit, history and culture of thrills and speed. Steeped in rich tradition, the Ace is a utilitarian, egalitarian and libertarian community, that is inclusive, exciting, down to earth and continues to serve an ever-growing community. In September 2014, the annual Ace Cafe Reunion Weekend at Brighton Beach, now in its 21st year, attracted more than 200,000 people from 42 countries., facebook @AceCafeLondon

About Ace Cafe North America

Ace Cafe North America holds the exclusive licensee rights in North America and South America for the world-famous Ace Cafe brand. Ace Cafe Orlando is the first North American venue for Ace Cafe, the most famous motor-diner on the planet, and covers three acres in downtown Orlando at the corner of West Livingston Street and Garland Avenue, offering a place for good food, good drink, good people, and good music. Designed and built by fellow petrolheads, the public is invited to enjoy the ambience and make the most of the facilities and activities, ensuring that the unique and powerful fusion of motors and music continues to thrive long into the future. Ace Cafe welcomes all who share the passion, based upon the traditions of motorcycles, cars and rock n’ roll, and is a full-service restaurant & bar, a cafe, a live music and special event venue, a motor-inspired art gallery and a number of retail shops., facebook @AceCafeUSA